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All West Lacrosse is committed to the continued development of Northern California lacrosse. Girls LacrosseOur aim is to make NORCAL the best place to play lacrosse on the West Coast and, ultimately, in the country. The lacrosse landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade. In Matt Ogelsby’s (AWL owner and founder) hometown of Philadelphia, the top national college lacrosse programs once ignored talented players, instead choosing to recruit from the traditional lacrosse hotbeds of Baltimore, Long Island, and upstate New York.

As a high school junior, Matt was overlooked by the elite programs of that time. Fortunately, Duke gave him the opportunity to play Division I lacrosse. When he graduated in 1995, Duke was ranked #4 in the country and Matt was the first Division I First Team All-American named from Duke since the 1950′s. The West Coast has terrific athletes and there is no reason why it, too, can’t contribute to the nation’s top programs. Over time, we are confident it will- we are starting to take huge strides already (see AWL Alumnae).

Life lessons in Boys Lacrosse and Girls Lacrosse

Boys Lacrosse

As we grow, All West will continue to incorporate lessons such as Respect, Attitude, Effort, Discipline, Teamwork, Commitment, Loyalty and Goal Setting through the game of lacrosse. These are the lessons that support success in lacrosse, in the classroom, and in all life’s endeavors. Clinical evidence is showing that learning outside of your comfort zone increases your capacity to learn in all new areas. The All West Staff understand this and can make a significant impact on the development of your son or daughter in many areas of learning outside of just lacrosse.

Imagine a camp and elite team company that staffs coaches who:

  • Advise and teach Division I skills broken down into teachable pieces applicable to all levels
  • Are consistent, organized and devoted to providing a quality experience to ALL levels of this great game
  • Are committed and always exploring new equipment, drills and strategies to maximize your son or daughter’s development and skill
  • Advise, navigate, and support your college recruiting process
  • Have coached or played at the highest level and will connect with your son or daughter as a teacher and mentor

All West Lacrosse is that company.

We offer programs for all ages, all skill levels – boys lacrosse and girls lacrosse. If your child “buys in” and works hard with us, we guarantee he or she will improve their game drastically. But even further than that, they will be able to apply what they learn on the field, in the classroom and at home to further all their pursuits.

This is All West Lacrosse. Find a program and watch the growth.


"Little Incredibles was amazing. My son had a blast. Loving the Granite Bay camp this week as well. Thank you Matt and staff for growing such a great program. The facebook updates and pics are an added bonus."

- Amy S.

"I had a blast they even gave me a nickname 'schwartzy'."

-Max S.

"Sean had such a TERRIFIC time! He grows up so much during this camp. Thanks to Charlie and Matt, and all the coaching staff - Colin, Parker, Josh and all the many unknown names/faces that make AWL Lit. Incredibles the consistently great experience that it has been."


"Thanks All West! The boys come home and they still can't get enough Lacrosse."

-Natalie B.

"I had a great time at Little Incredibles. Thank you for putting on these amazing camps."

-Nate M.

“Just leaving the Treasure Island Tourney!! I would like to say this is by far the best organized tournament.... Just so you know all the parents loved how all the games where on the same field... No confusion and very easy to sit and enjoy our own game and others... Again well organized on the playing field!!"

-Karla G

BOYS HAD A BLAST! First of many times to come at Little Incredibles! Dylan's first "camp" experience! Thanks for making it a great one. Sean came away with some great instruction and good times! What a high level group of instructors! One of THE BEST RUN CAMPS I have seen! Gotta love the required showers each day!"

-(From a mom of 3 boys :-))

Jake is having the time of his life in camp this week - thank you!!! He told me at dinner: BEST. CAMP. EVER! : )"

-Tracy F.

Hugh and Stu are all ready to learn the Billy Bitter Dodge! They keep asking me "ok how many beds before lacrosse camp""

-Lisa H

"Hey Matt! Great to see you at Treasure Island this past weekend! Thanks for supporting and growing youth lacrosse in the Bay Area. My son is a much better player from attending your camps. Chase loves you, your dog, and being an "ALL WEST" player!"

-Brad L

“Tri-State was an amazing experience for me. It was my first big lacrosse tournament and I loved it! I felt we played really well against the East Coast teams and that they were surprised by our talent. Our coaches were awesome.The Princeton tour was incredible. Listening to Coach Rosenbaum talk about his best memories from Princeton was really cool. I am going to remember Princeton Head Coach Bate’s speech so I can hopefully play division one lacrosse someday. AWE has been such a great experience for me. I have made some good friends from all over the Bay Area.”

-Nick C

"Laxers, I have worked with All West since 2004. Matt has evolved his programs to be the most comprehensive camp program that I know. Whatever your skill and experience level, All West can take you from where you are and give you the path and training to place you in the next level. I cannot tell you how I have enjoyed coaching and training players through the years and watch them expand their skills and perform at continually higher levels.(many of whom are now All West coaches) I now have the welcome problem that I have to create specific defenses and offenses for The Golden Bears (Cal) to handle these stars that have matured through All West. I absolutely enjoy following the lacrosse exploits of those All West graduates that now make their mark on NCAA programs across the country. Find the camp that is right for where your are now and look to the future. GO HARD! See you this summer."

-Coach Nourse

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